Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sydney in COLOUR!

Syd's never looked so good! He comes to you in full colour, the sharpest lines and spiffy new bubble and background effects. Enjoy this, the first episode of Better Homeless Living in full colour- FOR FREE!


In other big news, this episode will be featured in a music street press magazine named Reverb. If you live in the mid-north coast region of Australia pick a copy of it up!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Rise from the gutter this summer

Just a quick post.

I don't mean to over hype (well...maybe a little bit), but heres the new promotional poster I drew for my Better Homeless Living game:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to school

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting two days worth of drawing lessons at a primary school near my hometown. I travelled back there specifically to teach some kids how fun drawing and cartoons can be- and boy did I have fun!

With some help from my uncle Wallace I was able to go through some of the fundementals of drawing with every class in the school and with particular focus on 'fun.'

The kids got to draw caricatures of themselves, have 'relay' racing drawing contests, learn how to hold a pencil properly, learn how to use coloured pencils properly, use charcoal, draw from life (including a dead duck) , use ink and brush and watch a true pro at work.

As you can see, I was able to exploit the kids by forcing my characters on to them. Black Hole and Sydney were drawn any chance I could. I also let the kids yell out their favourite cartoon characters and I tried my best to draw them.

During my two days there I was also asked to produce three works that the school could hang in the office in memy of my holy visit. I based my drawings on the two simple shapely characters (a mouse and clown) that we taught the kids to draw, as well as the stuffed duck I mentioned earlier.

Above: The finished mouse character, based on a student's ideas and using the coloured pencil layering technique.

Special thanks to Wallace for making this all possible, and the school for inviting me with open arms. I hope to return to the school again one day, and maybe even make a habit of school visits elsewhere.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Long time, no shit (it's a play on words)

Hey blogwatcher!
A lot has happened since last we spoke, but I won't bore you with the details. I've got a couple of things to show off anyway. The first is a rather special little episode of My Femme Inside (I know, it's been a while!). The second thing I'd like to share with you is some production shots of the new game I'm working on- hopefully this one'll get finished!

Let's waste no time. This short strip is a lead up to Femme's first real adventure. Enjoy!

Click here!

Now I'd like to talk briefly about the new game I'm working on. It's an all adventure, no action game starring everyone's favourite bum Sydney Claywood. Control the lifestyle hostess with the leastest through numorous scenes and collect strange and wierd items to complete your various objectives. I've tried to go for a LucasArts style here and I'm using the program Adventure Game Studio to code it all.

The story you ask? Well, here it is:

"Sydney wakes one day to discover a new policy set in place by a joint venture between the political parties, churches and big business to rid the streets of homelessness and unemployment. There solution is a 'final solution,' of sorts.

Sydney decides that the only way to save himself and his friends is to go directly to the heart of the plan, the CBD, and argue his case. However, in the back of Syd's mind is the constant idea that 'Maybe I could, you know, just find a REAL job."

I suppose you'll be wanting to see something then?!
Okay, here's some mock-ups (mock screen shots that display graphics):

Syd's Alley

The Runny Inn

Warfside Warf

Expect special appearances from the likes of Black Hole and Mr. Smooth!