Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Better Homeless Living...Episode 5

Yeah, I know, I should be updating my other cartoons...or doing something 'productive for society,' but in the popular fashion of doing whatever the hell I want, I bring you the latest 'Better Homeless Living.'

For a better, less jaggy look, click here!

I really love making these cartoons, only wished that they paid. Well, seeya next time!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Black Hole News

Well, haven't I been Mr. Neglectarooney?
I've been away on holidays from University life which meant for some time I was completely with or with limited internet access. But fear not! I didn't stop drawing.

I have for you two items of Black Hole artwork. One is a promotional poster I drew and coloured with the hope of using it to find any interested publishers.

The second item of interest requires a little more back story. I've decided to completely redraw the first episode of Black Hole. Redraw you say? Yes, it's something I've thought about ever since episode 3. I really want to make the first episode look as appealing as possible. That's why I'm proud to announce that the revision will also include FULL COLOUR pages and ADDITIONAL PAGES and much of the dialogue and story REWRITTEN.

Currently I've completely completed the first 7 pages. I won't overwhelm my already alienated audience, so I'll only show one page now. It's probably my favourite one so far so I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for your time.