Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BH1 Cover

Here's a cover I drew for the new re-drawn aaand colour version of The Black Hole I've been working on. If I don't end up using this as a cover, I'll atleast be able to use it for promotional stuff.

Let me know what you thinketh!

And don't forget, Black Hole has a mega role in the new game Sydney Finds Employment, coming soon.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sydney Play-Testing

Well, beta or play testing for Sydney Finds Employment has officially begun. The lovely and supporting Justine ran through the game to check for any embarrassing plot holes or spelling mistakes, and now its off to the lads to play it for me.

Testers are Buloght, Bernie, pixel guru Ensellitis and musician Pixel Blink. Round of applause for them so far!

Thought I'd mention that Buloght and Bernie also create fantastic games. Buloght's website is currently down, but Bernie's stuff can be viewed here. He even creates great comics as well! So read them!

Monday, October 16, 2006

BHL2 in colour!

Better Homeless Living two, in colour! This will be printed in next month's issue of Reverb.

Sydney Thread!

Check out the thread I started on the Adventure Game Studio forum. It features exclusive screenies and some very positive responses!


In other news, I've recieved a few more pixel art jobs so I'll be working hard come uni break.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sydney Progress!

I've come a long way with production on my game Sydney finds Employment. I thought I put together a list with perecentages and stuff, because everyone loves statistics!
    1. Story_____________________100%
    2. Puzzles___________________100%
    3. Background graphics__________100%
    4. Character graphics____________95%
    5. Coding____________________50%
    6. Music and sound______________0%
Please excuse my inability to line up the percentages. This has been another pointless post!