Friday, April 28, 2006

My Femme Inside and Other Stuff!

Hey blogwatchers,
Sorry for not updating in a while, I was enjoying a holiday from uni. BUT I have done comics, so don't think I've been slacking off completely.

Off the bat is the long unawaited first episode of My Femme Inside. It features some roughish style art work and lettering, but if you can bare that I think you'll enjoy it atleast a little bit. Click here to read it.

Next up is the second episode of Better Homeless Living. It's a little larger in size then the last one, so you should be able to read it a little better. Click here to read it!

I've also been working on an entry for the Pulp Faction monthly cartoon competition. This month's requirements are

"About: War. Page count: 1 or 2...but not 3. Must Contain: A bunny rabbit, a teen pop-music sensation (even just in reference), and someone named 'Gerald'. "

This is my first entry into this sort of competition so I'm excited to see how I go. Here's my two page effort. Enjoy!

Click here to read page 1

And click here to read page 2

I hope you like all the recent comics, there's some more to come soon! Seeya next time.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Better Homeless Living...Strip One!

Hey there,
It's been a week, so that means a new comic! This time it's the first issue of Better Homeless Living. It's rather short, but this should mean I will be able to update regularly with minimum strain to my wrist!

If the image link doesn't work just click here:
I might try and get some COLOURED vector versions of Sydney up soon.