Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Many Non-Comments Later!

Well, it's Wednesday, and its time for another update.
I should be updating with a new Mr. Smoooth, but I've been distracted by my other comical pursuits. So here's epsiode two of 'My Femme Inside.'

Click here if the link above doesn't work (and it often doesn't)!

Also I've made some special 'radio play' recordings of the first episodes of all three of my strips.

Click HERE to listen to 'Mr. Smoooth in...Sisterly Lovin''

Click HERE to listen to 'Better Homeless Living ep.1'

Click HERE to listen to 'My Femme Inside ep. 1'

The less you comment, the more motivated I am to be funnier! So the only way to REALLY beat me is to comment. So comment you dirty dogs!


Anonymous Tillie said...

I'd rather it if you got funnier. Oh and 'wow', I really liked the 2nd ep - well done, winner! It was well drawn, looked smooth AND slick. The humour was pretty shweet too. Keep it up, champ!

10:33 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Thanks tillie. I'll keep working at my funny bone! Yes, I said FUNNY bone.

7:40 pm  

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