Monday, March 27, 2006

Initial Greeting Aaaand Some Cartoons!

Hey! Welcome to the first post.

I'll save introductions...for the introduction! Lets get into some meat.

Here's a cartoon I drew over a year ago for a competition called 'Big Laugh Cartooning Comp!' It came 2nd.
There are a lot problems with it, as far as layout and artwork go, but I think I've improved since then!

Here's another hand drawn cartoon I made to impress my english teacher. He hated it. I still really like this one, especially the art. I also like that I haven't been over the top or obvious about my swipe at religion- that's too easy these days.

This is by far the most smutty of the 3. It's a simple three panel gag that shows I'm not afraid to chew on the bone, so long as there's meat!

I've got a few more cartoons coming, and I'll talk a bit about Black Hole, my sequential super hero comedy comic, in my next post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that jesus one just doesn't do it for me. That skeleton one is daringly hilarious. Very wink-wink.

9:47 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Thanks A-man. Keep in mind these are more for archival reference than anything else. I wanted to start with a variety of cartoons before I move to my new stuff.
Thanks for the comment!

9:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dicky, ow ya doin'. Heard from Mez you were in Newy. Email me sometime. You know who I am. If you don't Then just think of Blackhole's creation and Ivan Dixon's all new ab training program. You'll know who I am. Black hole in the stomach, thank god I decided to put them in the hands.

10:38 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Hey Mat, good to hear from you mate!

10:50 am  
Anonymous M. Lay said...

email me you bastard or at least get a hotmail account and get on msn. C'MON.

6:57 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

I have a hotmail account, and I use it quite regularly. Feel free to add me to your contacts. We can talk the talk!

8:41 pm  
Anonymous Tillie said...

Nice hustle, kid.

9:03 pm  

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