Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3 Strips In the Pipeline!

Hey blog watcher!
I have some news! As of whatever date it is today (or wherever in time you are while reading this) I have begun work on three, yes count'm, three new REGULAR cartoon strips. They are as follows:

Mr. Smoooth
Stars Mr. Smooth, Hottie and Tottie, probably some other characters I haven't thought of yet.
Mr. Smoooth is, let's face it, a ladies man. He's everything you want in a man. Expect plenty of sexual jokes for his series, as you watch Smoooth attempt to woo his way through countless women. Other characters include Hottie and Tottie, two sisters who won't so no to a large bra, if offered one by a bra salesperson.

Better Homeless Living
Stars your host, Sydney Claywood and Chad the Kid (from episode 3)
Your favourite cartoon lifestyle program! Every bum, or prospective bum, needs this strip! Sydney Claywood, a bum from birth, hosts this four panel cartoon. He offers handy advice, street awareness tips and often argues with his readers, including the constantly questioning Chad the kid. Potty mouth and potty humour is very much in vogue...atleast here.

My Femme Inside
Stars Femme, myself (Ivan) plus brief appearances by Black Hole, Mr. Smooth and Sydney Claywood
No more information just yet, I'm keeping things sort of secret until I draw the strip. Just know that it features (bababwaaah) a FEMALE lead.

Okay, so here's the deal. I will try to update every week with atleast ONE new episode of one of these three strips (between working on Black Hole (and uni, blah blah blah). If I'm super inspired I'll do some more. Don't forget, I could update this blog with other random crap, so stay tuned folks!


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