Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Black Hole- Finally a doll that sucks!

I can't believe it has taken me so long to upload these pictures of my Black Hole doll. He's fully poseable with a metal wire skeleton, and soft outer limbs. His clothes, including his cape, mask and undies can all be removed and attached using the velcro stitching. Awesome, eh? Here's the beautiful girlfriend of mine who made him for me:

Watch my muscular hand grasp his neck gently like a goose!

Whoops, looks like the camera cord ruined that pic!

Cheesy grin galore

What this? A detachable mask! Bargain!

A little too close

Not close enough!

After a long day of posing Black Hole must rest his weary head on my pillow bed

This is a good a time as any to give a bit of back story to my Black Hole character. I created him with a friend at highschool by the name of Mat Lay. I had the original idea and Mat helped develop the character, his powers, a few future plot pieces as well as co-wrote the first episode. After that he left me to my own devices and ended up handing over all responsiblity to me by episode three. I had been drawing the entire thing from the start, but by episode three my style had progressed further into something I am happy with.

Black Hole is a cynical super hero with the brilliant ability to suck things into his vacuum like hands. He can choose to store these items, or simply repel them straight out the other hand. His origins and identity have yet to be examined, further than his failed magic career and best friend Clint. So far he's had four adventures. I am currently working on the mega long fifth episode,'Inward Thinking: A Neccessary Emo/The Adventures of ManMan.'

I'll also take advantage of this situation by announcing a slight name change in order to avoid confusion with Charles Burns Black Hole comic. You shall now know my comic as "The Black Hole."

Click HERE to go to the official 'The Black Hole' website!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That thing is the greatest! When can I expect to see them in stores? And where is his manly package?

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pure comic genius ivan u madman keep up the good satirical work

6:17 pm  
Anonymous ahkneeah said...

hey brother
finally read the last blackhole for you! i must admit the cover background is the best yet ;)( never guess why??)
carlos and i agree you are a weird one but that would make me a weird ones sister...hmm
keep on keepin on!
x anea

6:33 pm  
Blogger pixelblink said...

where can I buy one?!!
Lovin your blog btw

10:34 am  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Thanks everyone!

@Anonymous(x2): Cheers for your anonymous support!

@ahkneeah: Keep on sissin' on, sister!

@pixelblink: You can't buy my girlfriend anywhere! But thanks anyway mate ;)

4:30 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Ps. My girlfriend doesn't think the photos I took of BH do him justice, so imagine him looking 10 times better in person!

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Jollan said...

Ivan! Finally understood that one is able to comment on your actual page, and not just the pixelforum (or whatever it is called :) ), so here we go;

You are a highly talented artist and I admire your skills. Maybe I don't have any drawing skills myself, but I know that you have. :)

See you, bro! :)

12:46 am  
Blogger jess said...

how do you come up with the captions they are so funny and original i would be screwed being the illustrator and the narrator...good job you dirty dog

3:22 pm  

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