Thursday, May 01, 2008

3D Syd Update

I've rendered the shadows and added a background, mouth, belly button and fingers. I'm really happy about how this is shaping up. This is the sort of 3D work I enjoy. Designs that aren't overly specular and could almost feel like they were made of clay.

I used a page from the first part of Sydney and the reQuest for Eternal Enlightenment as a background.

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Blogger Ghost in the Wired said...

That looks pretty sweet, although his belly button kinda freaks me out.

2:42 pm  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Some people just don't understand the mysterious appeal of an outy belly button!

Thanks for the comment :D

3:19 pm  
Anonymous Katie said...

Hey :) looks cool! His mouth is painted on tho! Let me know if you wanted that 3d video tutorial still, if you enjoy modelling and want to get more into it, it's really helpful.

Also saw your comment about your tablet, not sure whether it's just your tablet, but I know to get smooth lines you do need to make them swiftly, but that's when erasers come in handy, it's also time-consuming that's why people use the pen tool for help. But personally I feel I have easier control just painting it by hand and fixing up with eraser. My girl on the tablet illus was done that way.

7:42 am  

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