Wednesday, February 13, 2008


(Based background scene on a Road Runner cartoon featured on John K's blog. Cheating maybe)

Here's some nice things that have been said about Sydney Treads the Catwalk:
" The sequel to last year's Sydney Finds Employment, Sydney Treads the Catwalk is a new AGS adventure game by pixel artist extraordinaire Ivan Dixon. Eccentric humor is once again the main focus of this title, though the author has taken heed much of the feedback received by it's predecessor and implemented them into this release to please fans of the genre."

"Yaaaaaay Sydney! This game is really great, the graphics and animations (especially the cutscenes) are cute, well done and entertaining. The puzzles aren't too hard to figure out, which is cool by me. And I discovered the Floating Sydney Head bug on the title page, woot for me! :) Terrific job, loved everything about it, play this game now! Now!"

-Strange Visitor, AGS member

If anyone can translate Czech to English, I'd love to know what some of the Czech sites that have review Syd 2 mean.

Lastly, for a comprehensive walk through go to Leon's website.

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another link to a good review on the game:

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