Friday, November 23, 2007

Sydney the Flasher

I'm so hopeless at flash. I have never taught myself to use it, so I tried fiddling around in it tonight. I can't even use the tweening tool properly.

Anyway, this was the best I could do in the limited time I could devote.

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Blogger i said...

It took me quite a while to grasp flash, but now I'm even programming in it, so it's not THAT inaccessible :D Just keep trying. I wouldn't change flash for any other vector program now.

One question, tho... WHY ON EARTH post flash as video?

Very unwieldy, and pretty much beside the point of using flash! If you don't know how to embed flash in your blog, just take a peek at how I did it.

7:11 am  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll copy your embedding method next time I have to time to work on some flash animation.

3:33 pm  

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