Monday, January 08, 2007

Bum embraced, nice things said

Downloads of Sydney Finds Employment are currently nearing the thousand mark. Not that numbers are the most important thing to me.

It is nice, however, when people write positive things about the game.

-Adventure Gamer has a very pleasant review of the game in an underground news post. Read it here!

-Moby Games also has a decent write up about the game, with many screenshots. Check it here!

-These crazy Czech guys seem to have been following the game for a while, and despite not understanding their language, it's still worth linking to them. They've got quite a thorough set up here, screenshots, news archives and what not. Go go boots!

Thats all for now, let me know if I've missed anything.


Blogger pixelblink said...

gotcha another mention here!

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Souly said...

Oh man, I just can't figure out how to get a tie or a suit.

3:20 am  
Blogger Ivan D said...

Hey soulyYou can find some help on the clues and hints page on the AGS board.

12:35 pm  

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